Home Martin-Froeschner Ancestors and their Extended Families
Wilson Shannon MARTIN
parents John Wesley MARTIN and Mary OGLE Rachel Vastine PRICE
parents Wilson PRICE Jr. and Martha MCKINLEY    William ROBERTSON
parents William M. ROBERTSON and Margaret WEIR Frances CUSHNIE
parents George CUSHNIE and Frances BURGESS   Steven PICTON
parents Jacob PICTON and Mary LEWIS Eliza REES
parents James REES and Elizabeth PHILLIPS   Peter L. LANDIS
parents Joseph M. LANDES and Elizabeth LOUX Anna CULP
parents Michael CULP and Elizabeth KNUPP   Theophil FROESCHNER
born Albert Herman Theophil
parents Gottfried FROESCHNER and 
Florentine Amalia WARNEST Wilhelmina KALLMEIER
born Luise Wilhelmine Henriette
parents Kasper Heinrich Wilhelm KALLMEIER and Wilhelmine Charlotte LUEKER   Frank Heinrich ROCKLAGE
parents Franz Heinrich Wilhelm ROCKLAGE,
known as Henry ROCKLAGE,
and Anna Elise BRUNE Emma BLEIKAMP
parents Casper Heinrich BLEIKAMP and 
parents Jules OGIER and Augustine FRANCOIS Katherine MALTHANER   Mike FILKO,
born Mihaly FILKOHAZI
parents Gyorgi FILKOHAZI and Erzsebet LUKACS Mary MILHALKO,
parents unknown
|_____| |_____| |____| |____| |____| |____| |____| |____|
Guy Bayard MARTIN Margaret May ROBERTSON   John Rees PICTON Eliza Jane LANDIS   Theophil William Fred FROESCHNER,
known as Ted,
born Theophil Wilhelm Friedrich Edna Anna Rocklage   George Ogier Helen Filko
|_____ Donald William Martin Frances Luella Picton _____|   |_____ Theophil Frank Froeschner Shirley Helen Ogier _____|
|_________________ The Martin-Froeschners ________________|

"As long as they live in our memories, they never really die." - Jeanette

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Martin Ancestors came to Brown County, Kansas, and the Froeschner Ancestors came to St. Louis Missouri. My original research goal was to find out exactly where our immigrant ancestors came from. What I soon learned was that finding information about whole families made them very real. And that descendants from other children had vital information for my research.

These are the most magnificent mystery stories.

Scroll over the picture and word links for further information. Please let me know if this information helps you in your research. Email me with any clues you have to further the research effort and to add or correct your family information. And pictures, pictures, pictures!

email: Jeanette@Martin-Froeschner.net

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August 3, 2014,
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